DQ is the largest food chain that serves Soft-Serve Ice Cream owned by Dairy Queen international is looking forward to getting your feedback. In return, DQFANFeedback.com gives you a yummy FREE Dilly Bar.

The DQ Feedback is an online questionnaire designed by the food chain to get its customers about their experience in any of the outlets of DQ restaurants. With the help of this customer survey, DQ can improve the quality of service and provide a better experience to their customers.

This routinely offers to clients for the quality of the products. Get primarily the opportunity to arrive at our sweepstakes after completing the DQFanFeedback. This survey reflects everyday issues that help the DQ organization.

However, Your feedback is to be qualified when you fulfill the below prerequisite and rules. It is mainly focused on these factors of an organization.

  • Finish client reliability on us.
  • 7-day return procedure for pleasure customers.
  • Employ increments and changes in administration.
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Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations you must know before starting to take feedback.

  1. It must recommend your age above 18 years old.
  2. You need a DQ receipt with the 10-digit survey code.
  3. When got a receipt must take the survey within three days.
  4. After completing the coupon code, you must use it within 30 days.
  5. It is lass but not the least. Dairy Queen restaurant available in your country, then you’re able to perform dqfanfeedback.

If you have a 19-digit survey code Visite DQFANSurvey and others follow us here.

DQFanFeedback Prerequisites

You need to require a receipt with the survey code.
You have a computer or mobile with internet access.
To have a basic understanding of Espanol, Francais, or English languages.

DQ Feedback Step By Step Guide

  • 1

    Step 1

    Visit the DQ restaurant and purchase desired product. So, you got a receipt with the survey code. Write on browser visit the survey at dqfanfeedback.com/ dqfansurvey.com and this survey code on it.

  • Step 2

    Choose a language Francais, Espanol, or English that you can read and write well. Choose the date and time that prints on your receipt. Write store number with the transaction number, and registration number available on your receipt and press next.


  • 3

    Step 3

    Answer some questions regarding your experience at Marks & Spencer center. Answers all of the questions honestly. And now, it’s time to write your feedback. If your terrible or fantastic experience to read belove terrible or fantastic experience template of DQfanfeedback, respectively.

  • Step 4

    In the final step enter your personal information like name, Address, Phone number, and Email address. Press the Submit button.


  • Step 5

    Now, Your free delicious dill bar coupon code is displayed on the screen.

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35 replies
  1. Raymond
    Raymond says:

    I order 2 different order and I went to put in my code from my Reseipt and and said I can only do one in a 15 day span but says I have 3 days to use my resipet for my code

  2. Tony
    Tony says:

    Having visited Dairy Queen in San Angelo, Tx located at 3006 Knickerbocker Rd. Dairy Queen absolutely lost a customer! Pathetic to say the least. We watched someone who I assumed was the manager warming up food in the freaking microwave literally! Everything was good awful! I can understand work forces are a little strained but Holy goose shit what is going on? Jalito burger was garbage and literally had one jalito strip with nothing but mayo and something. We couldn’t identify. Ordered a large jalito strip and got the smallest, greasy tiny box of a clump of old jalito strips. Fries please were so freaking old and heated up in a micro. They were so hard and cold that my dog wouldn’t even eat them. Got steak fingers with gravy and that was freaking cup of water basically. Looked like milk with pepper inside of it. Hunger buster was a joke with lettuce and tomato looking like they were sitting out for a week. NOTHING WAS COOKED FRESH PERIOD. We drove all that way to forty dollars for a bunch of Bullshit. I was going to go back and get a refund but my wife knew it would have gotten ugly!
    WTF happen to dairy queen quality of food guys huh. Seriously I want a refund because this was just pathetic. The grill cook walked over to the grill and scratched and wiped her face with her hands. Then proceeded to what was a poor attempt to cook. Ha no comment!

  3. willy
    willy says:

    been going to dq for over 40 years. now i will never go back ,three diffrent dqs this month alone. all bad, service. employees dont care putting chilly dog vertical in the bag every time ,no contiments at all .one store. washing the floor around us while we are eating i can see no training for the employees and they sure dont care i know there new to canada but have to be trained right .plus i have some friends that are never going back there agian
    5280112210236922721 receipt -125560201 sudbury ontario canada

  4. Jenna
    Jenna says:

    I go to the conckrd nh location and Manchester nh locations and haven’t had any problems other than the concord location online says drive thru open till 12am yet it’s not it closes at 10 just like the dining room which is ONLY open from 4pm to 10pm

  5. Don
    Don says:

    I don’t want any free product. My experience was despicable. If you truly want to know feedback, allow feedback after 3 days, but just don’t offer a free product. I will spread the word of the new restaurants horrible experience.

  6. Ang Breister
    Ang Breister says:

    I like your blz BUT am not able to do the surveys for a free dilly bar because you do not the accept the code 512363891117212911 this is the 3rd time that the codes have not been accepted.

  7. Marcie
    Marcie says:

    My family just ate at the West Point, Ne location and we will not be back. The girls who were working coughed on our ice cream as they were preparing it then argued with my husband when he asked about their health. We were in the drive thru for 15 minutes and were the only car in the drive thru. I ordered the royal fudge brownie blizzard and there was no fudge in it. My husband ordered a fish sandwich and it was cold on the outside and burning hot inside, how does that even happen?! This location has really gone downhill. Again, we will not be back. Ever.

  8. Cheryl
    Cheryl says:

    Just wanted to say that the Belle Fourche, SD was an excellent stop. They were extremely busy but handled our order with ease and were extremely friendly. The order was quick as well, as we ordered 4 meals along with sundaes. Kudos to this location. You rocked it!

  9. William Walls
    William Walls says:

    The dq in Monroe Georgia is a waist of time and money the drive sux and the inside is just as bad I’m so done with this location I’ll drive to the Loganville Georgia location for now on much better service there.

  10. Jay
    Jay says:

    Ordered the new grilled chicken bites and they were pathetic they were small they were uncooked and a used post for a filler because they were so puny absolute waste of money I could have got more food at McDonald’s getting a two piece chicken nugget absolute shit!

  11. Cornelia
    Cornelia says:

    I will never eat in the Augusta Ga Dairy Queen on Central Ave. Damn food cold. The people hanging outside like they do not have a job. The cook an. The customer service is just rude and nasty.

  12. Miller
    Miller says:

    Great ppl food always hot my friends & I eat here 4 times out the week sometime the sprite gets me tho best thing mixed with the lemonade

  13. Jimmy Swingler
    Jimmy Swingler says:

    DQ of Kilgore was very friendly! Jayden very nice was helpful with my order as well and Heath Blizard was so so good!

  14. Jimmy Swingler
    Jimmy Swingler says:

    loved it! praise the LORD!!! thank you so much, Jayden! you’re great!!!!!! AWESOME TOO, Jesus loves you!!!!! john1.12

  15. Debi
    Debi says:

    We will refuse to ever frequent another DQ until you stop promoting Coke products. They (Coca_Cola) have let it be known they support the corrupt politicians that support child trafficking, drug distribution, cheating on elections (supporting laws that give room for fraudulent votes which should be a sacred American right), treason, taking our first amendment, and now attempting to take our second amendment. Coke needs to stick to making a product, not political opinions.
    We The People are pissed off and it’s time for Americans to stand up and not take it anymore.
    Yours is not the only business that is going to feel the effects of it. It will be all that support that kind of communism.
    Do your part and join the movement if you want to stay in business.
    Thank you for listening.

    P.s. your products are really going downhill as it is so you’re not going to have very far to fall if you don’t get on board. I would bet on it that if you got rid of Coke products, it will be noticed hugely! Your sales will skyrocket because we Americans stick together and support those that are doing the right thing and not being bullied by the corporate elite.
    Stand WITH AMERICA! Let’s take it back.

  16. Harold
    Harold says:

    People if u haven’t tried the biscuits and gravy get there and get one mmmmmm they r the bomb taste well there’s no words to describe it it’s that good

  17. Jewel
    Jewel says:

    No. 734070 REG03: [email protected]
    I bought the 6pc bites & chix bite salad it was horrible. The taste was unbelievable. The salad, lettuce was so big I could have choke on it. No yadte. DQ in Duquesne was the best food “ever” served. mcdonalds was at the end of the small bridge across from kennywood (potatoe shack). I want my $$ back for impersonating a food place. 😞

  18. Kayla
    Kayla says:

    I ordered cheese curds and all the cheese was out of the curds. I had nothing but a big cheese ball. The entire bag was nothing but grease.


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