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DQFanSurvey.com or DQFanFeedback.com offering to their customers, share last experience of Dairy Queen and get a Free dilly bar coupon code. So, Beeyot helps you too well known about DQ Fan Survey. Stay with us & read the whole article carefully to get easily free dilly bar ice cream like a Hilfiger MAN.

The reason for dqfansurvey.com is to know about the most customers feeling and analysis the whole restaurant situation to improve DQ quality/standards and the services. Beeyot article helps you for dqfansurvey.com or dqfanfeedback.com enhance the nature of its items and influence later client to encounter much more advantageous.DQFanSurvey.com - DQFanFeedback.com

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DQFanSurvey.com routinely offers to its clients for quality confirmation of the products. Complete this survey; you get primarily the opportunity to arrive at our sweepstakes. The DQ survey review reflects everyday issues that help the organization shared to monster hawk overview the experience their clients have had at the outlets.

Moreover, to be qualified, you prerequisite exist an approved inhabitant of the United States and 18 years old or senior. Edge one passageway individual for every mailing and additionally email address per Entry Period, paying little mind to the method of the section.

Dq fan feedback mainly focuses on Increment worth and administration, Finish client reliability, 7-day return procedure, pleasure customers. Would you like us to stay over once more? Best quality, Simple User Interface (UI). The DQ fan feedback survey offers monster bird gift vouchers in the Goliath falcon overview. Get a free opportunity to win DQ coupons after you finish the input your review.

DQFanSurvey.com Prerequisites

  • You need to require having a recent Marks & Spencer receipt with the survey code.
  • Furthermore, you had a computer or mobile with internet access.
  • To have a basic understanding of English, Espanol, or Francais languages.

DQFanfeedback.com Rules

Before starting to taking this survey, you must know about all rules and regulations.

  1. It would be best if you were an adult of 18 years.
  2. Furthermore, Need your receipt or 10-digit code.
  3. Must take the survey within three days of receiving your receipt.
  4. Possibly you must use your coupon within 30 days of your visit.
  5. If a Dairy Queen restaurant available in your country, you’re able to perform dq survey at dqfansurvey.com or dqfanfeedback.com

DQFanFeedback.com Reward

DQ Survey PrizeFree Dilly Bar
Receipt Valid For3 Days
Coupon Valid For30 Days
Purchase Required?Yes
Entry MethodOnline
Entry LimitNone

Before participating in the dqfanfeedback survey, you must need to study in the wake of completing the overview; you would gain knowledge about dq survey coupons on every one of your buys.

To get this gift vouchers and coupons, show the overview card to the supervisor who will the affirm that you have finished. dq survey input review likewise gives flavorful nourishment, treats, creams, frozen yogurt cake, espresso, dairy ruler Canada coupons, dairy ruler cake coupons, and more things for nothing.

How to complete the DQ Survey?

An overview is simple and easy to finish the dqfansurvey.com. It would help if you had a couple of minutes to complete a survey to take the free dq dilly bar. Follow our guidelines and remembered all of the necessities.

Therefore, for your availability, a snappy review manages is given beneath and for the new far-reaching process, you can likewise consider the well-ordered screen that you finish your overview effectively.

The review comprises of a question which you should reply alongside furnishing us with a portion of your private data, for example, Address, Contact and Age and so on.

dqfansurvey.com Quick GuideDQFanSurvey.com

Step by Step Guide

  1. Go to the Dairy Queen restaurant, to purchase something because you need to take your receipt for survey code.
  2. Visit the official site at dqfanfeedback.com or dqfansurvey.com.
  3. Select one of the languages, either English, Francais or Espanol.
  4. Enter your date, time, store number, the transaction number, and registration number available on your receipt and press next.
  5. Answer some questions regarding your experience at Marks & Spencer center.
  6. Write the answers to all the questions honestly.
  7. Provide your personal information like name, Address, Phone number, Email address.
  8. Press the Submit button coupon code is display on your screen.
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Write your Feedback           Start the Survey

Dairy Queen

It’s frequently truncated DQ, is a chain of delicate serve frozen yogurt and fast-food eateries possessed by International Dairy Queen, Inc. A backup of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Global Dairy Queen, Inc., additionally claims Orange Julius and Karmelkorn. The principal DQ eatery has situated in Joliet, Illinois. Sherb Noble opened his business on June 22, 1940. It served an assortment of solidified items, for example, delicate serve frozen yogurt. The organization’s corporate workplaces situated in the Minneapolis suburb of Edina, Minnesota.


The soft-serve formula was first developed in 1938 by Douds, Iowa-born John Fremont “J.F.” “Grandpa” McCullough and his son Alex. They convinced a friend and loyal customer Sherb Noble to offer the product in his ice cream store in Kankakee, Illinois.

Since 1940, the chain has utilized an established framework to extend its tasks all around. In the US, the state with the most Dairy Queen eateries is Texas. Using the 2010 evaluation, the country with the most DQ Restaurants per individual is Minnesota. Universal Dairy Queen, Inc.(IDQ) is the parent organization of Dairy Queen. In the United States, it works under American Dairy Queen Corp. Toward the end of the financial year 2014, Dairy Queen detailed more than 6,400 stores over 25 nations. Dairy Queen was an early pioneer of sustenance diversifying, growing its ten stores in 1941.

While a few stores serve an exceptionally truncated menu highlighting DQ solidified treats and might be open just mid-spring and summer, the more significant part of the DQ eateries additionally serve sweltering nourishment and are open all year.

Contact Information

Dairy Queen Survey published two websites to get customer feedback. One of the dqfansurvey.com similarly second is dqfanfeedback.com. Dairy Queen headquarters in the United States (USA). If you want to online contact with the DQ, then visit the contact page.

Address Headquarters: Edina, Minnesota, United States.

Phone number: +1 (866) 793-7582

Contacts Canada Business Addresses

DQ Canada Addresses 1111 International Blvd, P.O. Box 430 Burlington, ON L7R 3Y3.
Phone number: 905-639-1492.

Contacts International Business Addresses

Addresses: American DQ Corporation, 7505 Metro Blvd. Minneapolis, MN 55439-0286
Phone number: (952) 830-0200

Contacts United States of American (USA) Business Addresses

Addresses: Orange Julius of America 7505 Metro Blvd. Minneapolis, MN 55439-0286
Phone number: 952-830-0200

Addresses: Karmelkorn Shoppes, Inc. 7505 Metro Blvd. Minneapolis, MN 55439-0286
Phone number: 952-830-0200

Survey Website: dqfanfeedback.com or dqfansurvey.com

Official Website Page: www.dairyqueen.com

Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/DqFanSurvey

Twitter: twitter.com/hashtag/dqfansurvey

Watch Video:

We hope you liked Beeyot post about dqfansurvey.com. If you have any query related to Dairy Queen survey, you ask your question in the comments below. Please share this article with your friends, family, co-worker likewise, they are also enjoying a free dairy bar. Thanks!


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  1. Ann Durham says

    The 2 young ladies who waited on me were a delight. Karin and Casey.
    I doubt that this response will benefit me a free Blizzard. This site not very user friendly

  2. Beverly Newell says

    Trying to do survey

    1. Muhammad Asad says

      Are you facing any issue to perform dq survey?

  3. Tammy says

    There is no 19 digit code on my receipt to enter

  4. E. R, CLIFT says


  5. Edith Powell says

    They were very patient and helped very well. They brought our food to us and came back to see if we needed anything later. Very polite.

  6. james t arwood says

    Not enough room for workers to do there job

  7. joy gardner says

    good ice cream sundaes

  8. joy gardner says

    thanks for good ice cream sundaes

  9. Niita says

    Have always liked the mint dilly bar, but they are getting smaller for the price you pay for them. Don’t stop very often due to price.

  10. sylvia says

    good food

  11. Elizabeth Crump says

    Had the most delicious mushroom, swiss cheese hamburger along with drink and sundae.
    Just the right size for the hamburger and a very good bun.
    How do I print the coupon for a free Dilly Bar?

    1. Muhammad Asad says

      You don’t need to print your coupon code, write it on receipt and give to DQ for a free dilly bar. Enjoy 🙂

  12. Brenda Babb says

    love the dilly bars but dq prices are getting pretty expensive don’t go for as many treats as were use to.

  13. Nancy Stoneman says

    Love Buster Bars,

  14. Shirley Trzop says

    They were very nice. How do I get the code to get my free dilly bar?

    1. Muhammad Asad says

      When you perform your survey, the Coupon code displays at last page of Dqfansurvey.com

  15. RANDY says


  16. Everett Prewitt says

    The Chicken Salad was great

    1. Muhammad Asad says

      Yeah! The Crispy Chicken Salad is delicious, but my favorite Chicken Bacon BBQ Snack melts. Do you try this at DQ?

  17. larry cooksey says

    good food

  18. William Hershberger says

    The ice cream is smooth & creamy & really good !!!



  20. carla sightes says

    always great food

  21. Mr. Douglas K says

    good service in Kingston ON

  22. Linda Stegink says

    I purchased a small dipped cone. It was delicious!!!!

  23. Shirley Broadis says

    Fast service. Excellent product. Love this location.

    1. Muhammad Asad says

      Thank you for your feedback.

  24. Lilyan Lewis says

    late evening is NOT the time to visit DQ. After granddaughters dance recital they requested DQ and what a disappointment. Order wrong….Chicken strips and fries not even hot. Like leftover food just boxed up. Almost inedible but the girls did eat a couple of the chicken strips as they were starving. Rest had to go in trash. Waste of $18.00/

  25. Larry Plunkett says

    We love the blizzards and all Julius drinks (and the Dilly Bar too)

  26. Frances Moses says

    When I last visited DQ in my town, I wondered if a Banana Split could be made in milkshake form. The clerk did that for me and it was just what I wanted! I went back today and the same clerk was there (named Margaret) and when she saw me she said that she knew exactly what I wanted and she made the same shake…I left being a very happy customer !

  27. Joyce Stewart says

    DQ takes me back to my childhood. We lived across the street from the one in our small town and my mother worked in it. We would get cones every day and usually chocolate dipped. I loved the dilly bars and still do. I especially love the Blizzards.

  28. William Davis says

    I had lunch at the Dairy Queen in Elizabethton, TN today and was shocked at what I observed. A female seating in the corner booth near me was apparently seeing patients for some type of medical procedure. More than half a dozen patients can in while I was dinning went to her table where she ask questions about medications they were taking, filled out records about the patient in a folder, cleaned their arm with alcohol, and placed some form of a patch on their arm. Having worked in the medical profession for more than forty years, this was not only totally unethical but most likely illegal. I cannot believe that any competent manage of a eating establishment would allow such a thing to occur in their dinning area. None of the individuals that came in purchased anything from DQ and several were less than desirable looking. As each patient was leaving they were told, “Have a nice day and I will see you again in two week”

  29. ANGELA BUTLER says


  30. mary olson says

    I was at the DQ today and had a butterfinger blizzard and my husband had a m&m blizzard. Yum!! We are so glad our DQ is becoming a brazer! We love it.

  31. GLORIA says


  32. Bill Morgan says


  33. Susan Borror says

    My husband and I wanted to try the new Dreamsicle dipped ice cream cone, and waited in the drive thru line for nearly 20 minutes to get our order in. Then we had to wait an extra 10 minutes to get to the window. The staff made everyone wait until the person in front of you had the order cooked or that persons order was complete, instead of having them pull off to the side and bringing out their order to them.

    Then when we finally did get to the window, the kid that waited on us had on a black filthy shirt, and a hat with two large frizzy, red pompom clumps of hair sticking out of it. He looked like Bozo the clown! Then when he went to dip the ice cream, the ice cream dropped out of the cone and into the dip and he took a large spoon, tried to fish it out, and on the third try, he finally got it out, using his fingers to help hold it on the spoon, and threw it away. Then he wiped his hands off on his dirty clothing. ;He dipped another cone into the contaminated dip, and handed the cone to me, which was wrapped in about 5 napkins because it was dripping so badly. The second cone was the same way. I finally had to throw my cone away because it was dripping so badly. it was all over me, my car, and my phone.

    I have never had such a bad experience at this D.Q., but I will never go back there again, if this crew is working. This is the evening shift, at Port Orange, Fl., so beware.

  34. Melinda Martinez says

    Breakfast at South Texas venue was nice and hearty.

  35. marilyn chellew says

    Very Satified and the service was Great.

  36. LInda Walgenbach says

    Delicious food and friendly staff!

  37. Barbara Schrader says

    Enjoy going to DQ at least once a week.

  38. Shirley Atkins says

    Starting to enjoy having lunch at Dairy Queen – Sending a gift card to my son and his family for Easter. I will be really enjoying ice cream especially the no sugar added fudge sticks since I am a diabetic. I have to go easy on the ice cream but I have two packages of the fudge sticks in my freezer. I am surprised that you aren’t carrying these in Dairy Queen anymore. Just dying to have one of those dream sickle custard cones though but they will have to be in moderation for me. A new Dairy Queen has opened up on Kelsey Drive here in St. John’s, Newfoundland and it is a lovely spot to go. Today I went to the Mall and had the crispy chicken, fries and diet drink. It was delicious – that is Dairy Queen in the Avalon Mall.

    1. Muhammad Asad says

      Thank you for your feedback

  39. Shirley Atkins says

    Starting to really enjoy eating at Dairy Queen – Had lunch there to day and am sending a gift card to my son and his family for Easter.

  40. Reta Roy says

    Wonderful prices at Dairy Queen

  41. Reta Roy says

    Bridgewater, Nova Scotia is the best of all Dairy Queens! The people that work there are just so wonderful and pleasant and provide the best service of all.

  42. Karen Stone says

    Food and ice cream was very good. Love the $5 and $6 dollar meal deals for after school for my grandchildren.

  43. john says

    I love eating at DQ the staff are friendly

  44. Roberta says

    Cleanliness and great service

  45. Roberta says

    Great service

  46. ken bakeri says

    I did have good service on my visit
    I have tried to take the survey but I can’t get it to work

    1. Muhammad Asad says

      visit at dqfanfeedback.com and try to perform your survey for free dilly bar coupon.

  47. Gerald Larson says

    We always have great service at DQ in Spicer MN

  48. Taylor says

    Loved the ice cream and the chocolate great job!

  49. Susanne says

    Great place to eat. Ate there last night with a friend. Had the hamburger meal. It was so good. I eat there a couple times a month.

  50. Carol McGovern says

    Even after 15 days survey doesn’t work. Says complete next 3 days!!! Another issue why only after15 days!?!?!? People go there expecting to be able to use survey to get free Dilly bar, only to not be able to use survey!!! Early on could use weekly. Then, only on website does it say every 15 days, not on receipts!!!!

  51. Santos says

    The was very good and friendly as well as the ice cream was delicious.
    Five stars

  52. MARY says

    Service was great

  53. Aaron says

    Good service

  54. bw cheek says

    The DQ in Lavonia Ga is one of the friendest anywhere.

  55. Beryl says

    We enjoy the good service and friendly atmospher at the Neepawa Dairy Queen.

  56. john grasse says

    john grasse says dilly bars taste great

  57. john grasse says

    john grasse says apetizing food

  58. john grasse says

    your ice cream tastes great

  59. john grasse says

    great food and great service

  60. john grasse says

    good food and good service

  61. john grasse says

    good food

  62. Julie elliott says

    Very good

  63. Yves berube says

    Very good food

  64. Yves says


  65. Martha Schultz says

    Great service, good price, great blizzard

  66. Brian says


  67. Mary Elaine E Ripka says

    Great treat today. Thank you to the staff they were cheerful and quick to serve me my Blizzard

  68. Terry Blackburn says

    I went to D Q and bought Dilly Bars and was greeted as I entered and had good service.

  69. Carol Figler says

    We ate at DQ on Friday…enjoyed the $7.00 meal deal and felt it was a reasonable price…tasted goo also 🙂

  70. anne sheffer says

    Delicious items always

  71. Pat Young says

    We always enjoy our visits to DQ. Staff is always friendly and very helpful

  72. Helen Badiuk says

    I had the $7.00 meal deal when I visited DQ on Wed. Feb. 27/19. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the staff was very helpful and polite.

  73. carol riley says

    I like dilly bars

  74. carol riley says

    I have been trying to do the survey but can’t seem to connect to it. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Muhammad Asad says

      Kindly share your whole experience how you try to connect with DQ Fan Survey?

  75. Edward Arteaga says

    Amazing food loved it

  76. Maria says

    Amazing food

  77. Shuvarnan Sritharan says

    This place is very good and clean.

  78. James F Zingre says

    The cheeseburger @ fries are awesome.

  79. Sherrie Wood says

    Hi, my name is Sherrie Wood & I have been trying to fill out the Fanfood survey & can’t get thru for my free dilly bar. This is the second time now that I have lost out on a free bar so WHAT is the problem??

  80. Judy says

    Hi I have been trying to do the survey for a free dilly bar on the correct website but cannot find the link.

    1. Muhammad Asad says

      Hy Judy, I am everywhere mention that you perform this survey on dqfansurvey.com

  81. Rose D. says

    I purchase on 21/12/18 and attempted to take the Survey on 23/07/18. My code was 812078-8011049-149114. When I was enter the code computer say, I couldn’t continue based on the code. The numbers were correct and it was only the second day. What happened! I spent $44.93 this visit and we are in there at least once a week. Good food and good service!

    1. Muhammad Asad says

      Sir/Madam, Your problem is very critical, I am sharing this issue with DQ FAN Survey developer team. Kindly wait for their reply and thank you for sharing your question with us.

  82. Nehana says

    Maybe we should start a class action suit for false publicizing. This happened to us too no code on the receipt when I tried to contact them another way, it would not go through as the site was down. Disgusting!

  83. Brever T. says

    I have done the dqfansurvey. I have the same issue on my last visit.I do not have a 19 digit code on my receipt.

    1. Muhammad Asad says

      I didn’t understand your issue.

  84. herper says

    Wouldn’t go through said I left wrong information I checked it 3 times it was right you were wrong I see how many people are complaining. I couldn’t take the survey because it would not let me take the dq Survey.
    But the people that work at the DQ Portland Tenn are some Of Nicest people eat you can find nicest people eat you can find. They always have a smile on there face.

  85. Walson V. says

    Very Bad service, rude behavior behind the counter. Doesn’t listen What we need, Provide us wrong order.

  86. Lasia Jeans says

    DQ survey won’t let me enter the 19 #code

    It survey won’t let me enter the 19 digits code. We go to DQ in Macon (Mo) at least every other week, usually fantastic service, sad to say today was horrible, first we had to ask our drink cups, then the unsweet tea tasted like it had detergent in it; she shrugged it off, then we had to ask for our ice cream sundae that was to be served later, yes 50 minutes later. I could deal with that if it would have been busy but there were only 4 other tables and the one that came in after we had our meal ate their meal and was served the ice cream before we had to ask for ours. I’m very disappointed with them serving. Like I stated forehand we are most generally very pleased, that’s why we go every time we are in Macon. Our survey code is 115343-8002017-915312

  87. Hanos Biil says

    No code found on receipt, how I can give feedback

  88. Mary says

    It is not free! first time, we must need to purchase something from DQ and get receipt. After that I’m give my 5min to perform DQ survey then I’m get dilly bar. Dairy queen give me this dilly bar for my time. I Like it!

    1. Muhammad Asad says

      It is almost same thing, Thank for your give your vision.

  89. Donna Ferguson says

    I got a Free Dilly Bar coupon that I am supposed to answer a survey to be able to use at my next visit. Your knowledge is very helpful me. Thank you

    1. Muhammad Asad says


  90. Radford Pyle says

    I have the 19 digit survey code but your system will not let me enter the information. Oh well the service was not that good and neither was my order. They burnt the eggs and then my order was placed in the window and the clerk ignored it and waited on other customers while I stood there patiently waiting for almost 5 minutes.

    1. Alley Pawluski says

      I’ve read all your info about DQ but nowhere does a survey actually come up and ask questions that I can answer. I now know that DQ does not want to give away their Dilly Bars. So sad because you, Muhammad Asad don’t care, you frustrate poeple so as not to produce a survey that we the customers can complete. I’ve spent over 15 minutes trying to locate your survey with no avail. The poeple that work for DQ are much more profiecent than you are. Good thing otherwise DQ would not have a business serving food, let alone Blizzards and other treats. Finding your survey is like finding a small diamond in the Sahara Desert. This is my comment to you, you need to improve in the way customers can locate the survey or you’ll get many more comments like this. Sincerely Alley PS Ido have a survey code but nowhere to enter it. Sincerely Alley

      1. Muhammad Asad says

        Alley Thank you for suggesting to me I think you don’t know DQ, is a chain of soft serve ice cream and fast-food restaurants. I feel that some peoples think they can perform survey here. We are also optimizing our article structure soon for customers. ? ? ? ? ? ?

    2. Muhammad Asad says

      Thank for sharing your journey, visit dqfanfeedback.com and enter your 10 digits survey code, 19-digit survey code process is old.

      1. Melody Holmes says

        I tried & tried to do the survey…it will NOT come up 🙁 WTH??

        1. Muhammad Asad says

          Why you can’t complete the survey?

  91. Kobe says

    Thank you so much. Very easy to take dqfansurvey for a free dilly bar! You are making this survey easier for everyone. I’m performing this within 5 min. Now I am enjoying a free dilly bar!

    1. Muhammad Asad says

      Welcome dear, If you need any type of help dairy queen and other restaurant survey and technology related, feel free and comment here.

  92. Patsy morales says

    Liars, survey doesn’t work.

    1. Muhammad Asad says

      Madam Kindly visits http://www.dqfanfeedback.com and follow our instruction.

  93. Jennifer Mayben Pinkston says

    Hi! I am attempting to take the Dairy Queen survey to receive a free Dilly Bar but I cannot find the link. Please help! My name is Jennifer Pinkston and I visited Dairy Queen yesterday. As you may know , I only have 3 days to complete survey , which means time is ticking down. If I do not find the link and complete by tomorrow then no free Dilly Bar. I would love to try one as I have never had one before. Thank you for any help!
    Jennifer Mayben Pinkston

    1. Muhammad Asad says

      Thanks for the comment, visit this website dqfansurvey.com start your survey and keep following us.

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