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KrogerFeedback.com is a survey website held by Kroger to collect feedback from their customers. The List of KrogerFeedback winners is below mention.

Start the survey at Krogerfeedback.com

Name Postal Code City
Janet R. 110002 Atlanta
J A. 110363 Atlanta
Linda M. 110619 Atlanta
Phil G. 110627 Atlanta
Megan B. 110697 Atlanta
Thomas P. 210410 Central
Janice B. 210657 Central
Elizabeth H. 210710 Central
Janet J. 140351 Cincinnati/Dayton
Malinda S. 140353 Cincinnati/Dayton
Harry A. 140390 Cincinnati/Dayton
Arrietta H. 140428 Cincinnati/Dayton
Maria S. 140465 Cincinnati/Dayton
Mary Anne F. 140825 Cincinnati/Dayton
Mary Ann L. 140932 Cincinnati/Dayton
Stacia L. 140938 Cincinnati/Dayton
Bonny D. 140939 Cincinnati/Dayton
Darlene G F. 160128 Columbus
Lisa J. 160505 Columbus
Valerie T. 160546 Columbus
Shelly L. 160557 Columbus
John S. 160594 Columbus
Dave M. 160847 Columbus
Ginger J. 160901 Columbus
Matt R. 160920 Columbus
Stephanie C. 350574 Dallas
Donna M. 350579 Dallas
Julie H. 350587 Dallas
M. K. G. 350807 Dallas
Sallie T. 250425 Delta
LaToya H. 250454 Delta
Alicia L. 250468 Delta
Brennon C. 250473 Delta
Larry H. 250614 Delta
Don M. 250619 Delta
Mitzie N. 250619 Delta
Margaret M. 250625 Delta
Ruth S. 6150019 Dillon
Rodney S. 6150033 Dillon
Linda G. 6150037 Dillon
Charles H. 7040518 Food 4 Less
Lois P. 7010070 Fred Meyer Stores
Robert E E. 7010153 Fred Meyer Stores
Monica P. 7010153 Fred Meyer Stores
Maggie A. 7010220 Fred Meyer Stores
Leona C. 7010685 Fred Meyer Stores
Raymond A. 6600048 Fry’s Of Arizona Inc
Tatyanna M. 6600064 Fry’s Of Arizona Inc
D M. 6600067 Fry’s Of Arizona Inc
Nina B. 6600084 Fry’s Of Arizona Inc
Patricia H. 6600086 Fry’s Of Arizona Inc
Shay F. 6600112 Fry’s Of Arizona Inc
Husain G. 6600137 Fry’s Of Arizona Inc
Haelee N. 6600621 Fry’s Of Arizona Inc
Linda S. 340009 Houston
Michelle H. 340331 Houston
Mitchael H. 340357 Houston
Annabelle M. 340362 Houston
Magda B. 340383 Houston
Michelle T. 6200022 King Soopers
Nina L. 6200030 King Soopers
John R. 6200043 King Soopers
David G. 6200047 King Soopers
Lauren G. 6200050 King Soopers
Pat B. 6200084 King Soopers
Pam M. 6200118 King Soopers
Tanja S. 6200119 King Soopers
Joe F. 6200128 King Soopers
Sue C. 240014 Louisville
Robert L. P. 240339 Louisville
Jessica A. 240745 Louisville
Kathy B. 240745 Louisville
Kenneth C. 180578 Michigan
Niki S. 180637 Michigan
Charles O. 180671 Michigan
Jessica P. 260503 Nashville
Betty B. 260529 Nashville
Susan A. 260566 Nashville
Linda L. 260670 Nashville
Peggy L. 260683 Nashville
Smokey S. 260683 Nashville
Uri K. 260843 Nashville
Ben R. 7050826 Quality Food Centers
Leonard B. 7030648 Ralphs
Herb D. 5310517 Roundy’s Chicago
Mariam F. 5340853 Roundy’s Wisconsin
Kimberly L. 7060354 Smith’s Food And Drug
Janice L. 7060172 Smith’s Food And Drug
Noel C. 7060183 Smith’s Food And Drug
Barbara H. 7060332 Smith’s Food And Drug
Raelena A. 7060341 Smith’s Food And Drug
Christopher D. 7060377 Smith’s Food And Drug
Michelle G. 7060413 Smith’s Food And Drug
Rose G. 7060427 Smith’s Food And Drug
Lindsey L. 7060444 Smith’s Food And Drug
Mark E. 7060477 Smith’s Food And Drug
Ricky L. 290364 Mid
William O. 290375 Mid
Thomas H. 290505 Mid
Matthew L. 290517 Mid
Brian W. 290714 Mid


Is that anyone wins the krogerfeedback survey?

Taco Bell gives a chance to win a $500 cash prize for every participating. So, they are improving their quality and services by collecting feedbacks. Tellthebell means tell to the taco bell your feedback.

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Why Tell The Bell give you 500$ Cash?

Tell the Bell Survey, giving you a fantastic chance to win an instant 500$ cash prize.

It is a platform where all the customers share their last visiting experience on Taco Bell.

This feedback helps them improve their food quality, productivity, and services.

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TellTheBell.com Survey Eligibility

Before you start the survey, you need to know your eligible for this TellTheBell.com Survey.

  • You must have a legal resident of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia to participate in the sweepstakes. Now the taco bell survey entertains Australia branches. If you are in Australia, you are eligible for the TellTheBell.com survey and their mobile App.
  • You would be at least 18-years old to enter TellTheBell.com Survey.
  • You would have at least a basic understanding of English or Spanish Language.
  • Employees and their immediate family members and those living in the same household as Sponsor, independent administrator (“Administrator”), Yum! Brands, Inc., Taco Bell participating restaurants, and each of their respective affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion and internet agencies (collectively “Released Parties”) are not eligible.
  • Released Parties or Workers cannot take part in the survey of the TacoBell.
  • If any taxes, charges, or fees would be the responsibility of the winner.
  • The most important thing you should know about the Taco Bell survey is the total number of entry Periods. There are 13 entry periods, and using one Tell The Bell survey receipt, you can only take part in one entry period. To enroll in the next survey period, you need to revisit the TacoBell to have another survey receipt.

Now let’s move on to the next step.

TellTheBell.com Survey Using Post Mail Method

To enter TellTheBell Survey using Post Mail you need to write your:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • DOB (dd/mm/yy yy)
  • Zip Code, Street Address, State and City

To the following address of P. O. Box 6047, Dep’t. 39421, Douglas, AZ 85655 (Taco Bell 2018 Beeyot Survey & Sweepstakes)

Are you ready to start your online TellTheBell survey now? Yes! You would need to visit tellthebell.com.

How can you enter the Taco Bell Survey code at tellthebell.com?

16-digit TellTheBell Survey code! The first thing you’re going to need is this survey code.

If you have lost your TellTheBell survey code, you are going to need three things.

  • Date when you visited the Taco Bell.
  • Write the Time of your visit.
  • Taco Bell Store number.

There is another method with the help of which you can also complete the survey, and that is by Mail.

If you do not have the survey receipt and you still want to finish it without using the Taco Bell Survey receipt.

Post Mail is the only method you have using which you can complete the survey.

What do you need to Start TellTheBell Survey?

  • For a start the survey, the first thing you are going to need is a 16-digit survey code, which is present on your TacoBell survey receipt.
  • If you don’t have the receipt, then you need to provide the Time when you visited, the date of your visit, and the store number.

Quick Guide to TellTheBell.com Customer Satisfaction Survey

tellthebell.com tell the bell survey, taco bell survey

How to participate in the Taco Bell Survey (tellthebell.com)?

Now! Let’s start with the step by step questions and their options that would be asking of you during the tellthebell survey.

The first step is to visit the official website of the Taco Bell Survey at tellthebell.com.

Write your Feedback           Start the Survey

After writing the details about your Store Number, Date, and Time, press the next button to start the proper Questioning session.

  1. Q#1: Please answer the following about your visit to the Taco Bell, where you received this survey invitation. Please rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at this Taco Bell.
  2. Q#2: What type of food you ordered at the taco bell restaurant?
  3. Q#3: Would you like to rate your overall satisfaction with the following options? (Cleanliness of the restaurant, The speed of the service, The appearance of your food, The accuracy of your order, Friendliness of team members, Size of your order)
  4. Q#4: Did you experience a problem during your visit?
  5. Q#5: Why were you Highly satisfied with your experience? (Give a reason for the portion size, and press next to continue).
  6. Q#6: Did you purchase a Hard Shell Taco (e.g., Beef, Doritos Locos Tacos)?
  7. Q#7: How was Taco Visually Full?
  8. Q#8: Now, If you are a legal resident of the United States and are 18 years of age or older, you may enter our sweepstakes?
  9. Q#9: This is your final step, fill out your contact information. (Note: Don’t be used third party detail).

Provide the following First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, and click next. Finally, your survey is complete!




Tell the bell






Tell the bell

Tell the bell

How and when you are Notified by Tell The Bell Survey as a Winners?

TellTheBell.com informs their winners using their phone number or by internet (using their email id).

The announcement for the winners held every week.

The procedure to claim your prize you have to calm your bonus within 14 days after the announcement of winners and your sign and a statement of claim would require for this purpose.

See the list of other winners.

SPONSOR: Taco Bell Corp., 1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine, CA 92618.

Tellthebell.com contactContact Information

Address: 2222 Barranca Pkwy Irvine, CA 92606
Phone: (949) 756-8570
Website: tacobell.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/TellTheBell
Twitter: Twitter.com/hashtag/tellthebell

I hope you liked this post about Tell The Bell Survey. If you have any queries related to Taco Bell Survey, you ask your question in the comments below.

Kindly share this article with your friend, family, and co-worker, so they can also try to get a chance to win 500$.

Thanks for the Time!