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  1. Jennifer Mayben Pinkston
    Jennifer Mayben Pinkston says:

    My daughter and I recently visited KFC / Taco Bell on Meighan Bvld as we were coming back from a Dr appt. And we were not satisfied at all with the food nor the service. I understand the food industry can be difficult and tiresome. Though there were a few cars in the drive thru, my kid and I were the only customers in the lobby. We had to wait what seemed forever to order, as employees were standing talking to each other. I’m not so sure this had anything to do with the customers at the drive thru. And I doubt the employees were on break or they surely wouldn’t have been in the food prep area talking amongst themselves rather than in another location out of sight of potential customers. When we finally did place our order it was less than appetizing as the chicken was cold and the mash potatoes had gravy on them (we requested no gravy). All in all, we were not satisfied with the food, the service, nor the way in which we were treated as customers. However, this one unpleasant experience will not hinder our decision to try KFC again. Thank you for your time and attention.
    Sincerely, J. M. Pinkston


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