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TellShell Survey: Take Survey & £100 Shell Fuel Voucher

TellShell Survey is coordinated by Shell to hear feedback from their customer’s in order to raise the quality of their work. You should support Shell to boost the quality of services by performing Tell Shell Survey or TellShell Survey and in return, have a chance to win Shell Rewards, £100 Shell Fuel Voucher.

Shell wishes to find out from their customer’s whether they are convinced with the excellence of Shell’s services. Did you ever visit Shell? Do you have any comment concerning your Visit to Shell? If yes then take Tell Shell Survey where you can provide your feedback to Shell. Visit ( to take a short answer some questions and win Shell rewards.

Tell Shell Customer Survey provides you a platform to share your visiting experience with Shell. As a bonus, you can earn a chance to win Shell Rewards. Shell offers shell fuel rewards or shell gas rewards so you can win £100 Shell Fuel Voucher. Its helps Shell to improve their services quality.

TellShell Survey

Tell Shell Survey (

The Shell is a group of energy and petrochemical companies functioning in more than 70 countries. The shell consists of 86,000 average employees all over the world. Shell uses advanced technologies to provide petroleum and gas services to their customers. Its is to get feedback from Customers.Get a chance to win Shell Rewards.

Shell Rewards

Shell: Mainly Focuses On

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Respect for people.
  • Shell business principles i.e code of conduct and code of ethics.
  • Maintaining diverse and inclusive culture within the company.

Shell Wants to raise the quality of services they provide to their customers. For this purpose, shell organized a platform and introduced TellShell Survey. It allows shell customers to share their experience with Shell. By doing so, Customers will get a chance to win Shell Rewards i.e. Shell Fuel Vouchers.

Prerequisites (

  • Tell Shell Customer Survey requires site id from your last visit to the shell(The site id will be on the receipt).
  • You must enter the date and time when you visited Shell.
  • Your ability to understand the English language must be good (at least basic understanding).
  • Computer or cell phone with internet facility is required.

Rules TellShell Survey

  • It requires receipt of the last visit to the shell(you may not remember the details of the last visit).
  • Participant must be 18 years old or older while completing the survey.
  • You must be the resident of England, Scotland or Wales.
  • The following people are not eligible.
  • Employees of Shell, their families, agencies, advisors, franchisees, suppliers and any person assisting in the Promotion of Tell Shell Survey and  Shell Rewards.
  • Any person acting in concert, using shell services, entering through an agent can participate in Tell Customer Survey.

Tell Shell Customer Survey: Shell Rewards

When you complete the Tell Shell Customer Survey, your name would be entered into the prize draw. So you will get a chance to win £100. At the end of each month, a random function will be applied to excel sheet. The winner will be decided by the random number returned by a random function.

After the announcement of the winner, the promoter will contact the winner. Promoter will use the contact details provided by you while completing Tell Shell Survey. If promoter found the contact details untrue, he can choose the other winner from the list.

How You Can Enter TellShell Survey At (

It is very simple and easy to complete. It Will Take only a few minutes of your busy life. It just requires you to follow Tell Shell Customer Survey rules and you must fulfill on the prerequisites.

To make it easy for you, a quick guide is given below. For further Assistance, you can Check the step-by-step guide for Tell Shell Customer  Survey. I am sure it will help you to complete this Survey.

Tell Shell Customer Survey: Quick Guide

Shell Survey


Tell Shell Survey: Step By Step Guide

In order to complete the TellShell Customer Survey, you just need to follow these simple steps.

  • Shell offers Tell Shell  Survey or TellShell Customer Survey from the 1st January to 31 December. (Shell announces Winners at the end of each month).
  • First, you need to visit www. tellshell. to Start TellShell Survey or Tell Shell Customer Survey.

Shell Rewards

  • Now, you need to enter Site id from your receipt.
  • Also, enter visit date and time from the receipt.
  • Your Tell Shell Survey or Tell Shell Customer Survey will Start when you click the Start button.
  • Tell Shell Customer Survey Contains Questions Related to your last visit to Shell.
  • You must answer all the questions of Tell Shell Survey according to your experience with Shell.
  • if you want to help Shell, answer all questions of Tell Shell Customer Survey honestly.
  • You also need to enter personal details i.e. email, contact details, etc.
  • provide correct contact details because Shell uses these details to contact you if you win the Shell Rewards, a prize for the winner of Tell Shell Customer Survey.
  • After you answer all the questions, your name will be in the of the prize draw of Tell Shell Customer Survey.
  • At the end of a month, a promotor will apply a random function on the excel sheet. It will return a random number and decides a winner for Tell shell Survey.
  • Shell will not entertain late and incomplete Tell Shell Survey.

About Tell Shell Customer Survey (Tell Shell Survey)

Shell is a global company, a group of energy and petrochemical companies. Shell is everywhere. It is serving in over 70 countries. The Shell comprises 86,000 average employees in the world. Shell uses the modern technologies to improve the quality of its services.

Shell cares about their customers, so they organized a platform to get feedback from customers.By participating in Tell Shell Survey you can get a chance to win Shell Rewards i.e Shell Fuel Rewards, Shell Oil Rewards etc.Shell Rewards will be awarded through a lucky draw.

Who They Are

Shell is a company possessing expertise in production, refining, marketing of oil and gases. The history of Royal Dutch Shell starts from 1907. Headquarter of the royal dutch shell is in Hauge, Netherlands. Their plan is to lead the industry by providing the good quality of oil and gas. They concern about the safety and social responsibility.

What They Do

The World needs more and cleaner energy solutions that are suitable, economically, environmentally and are socially responsible.We need solutions that are enough for the economy, surrounding and are socially responsible. Shell plans to satisfy the needs of the world.

Services that Shell Offers

Shell Provides the following services to its customers

  • Shell engine  oil and lubricants
  • Fuel Services
  • Shell Credit Card Services
  • Loyalty programs
  • Shell Service Stations
  • Tell Shell Survey and Shell Rewards for Customers.
  • Station Locators and Shell App

Contact Shell

Tell Shell Customer Survey

Shell headquarters
Carel van Bylandtlaan 16,
2596 HR the Hague,
The Netherlands
Postal address:
PO box 162, 2501 AN The Hague, The Netherlands
Tel +31 70 377 9111

I hope you like my post about Tell Shell Customer Survey. If you have any suggestion for us please do share in the comments below here. If you have any query related to the Survey name You can ask in the comments down below here. For more information about Shell please Visit their Official site at Website

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